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Welcome to Echo's Reach Organic Pork!


About Us

In May of 2019 we, (my husband, our daughter and myself), moved from the Okanagan to an acreage in the Cariboo . In the Okanagan we had rented about 2 acres and started our farming life. We built a chicken coop and bought 25 day old chicks intending to keep only 5-6 hens.

We currently have 27 hens and 2 roosters. After a bit we graduated to trying meat birds. We then purchased 2 weaner pigs, a castrated male and a female, with the intent that they would both be for meat. The female, Crazy Pig stayed and is now our oldest breeding sow. We bought her a friend Digger, she is our other breeding sow. I could not justify having 2 pet pigs so after quite a search we found our boar, Oohtred.

We started raising our own meat animals because we were not happy eating grocery store meat as we did not know how the animals were treated or what they ate. We wanted nutritious, organic food from humanely raised animals.



In fall of 2020 we received our slaughter licence, we are now able to slaughter on farm. This means less stress both for our animals and us. We no longer have to transport live animals over 2.5 hours away to a strange and stressful environment. Our pork is then taken to a licensed butcher for cutting, curing, sausage making and packaging.

In spring 2021 we kept 2 females, these will be raised to be our 2 new breeding sows. In the summer of 2021 we travelled to Coldstream, BC to bring home a new male to become our new boar. So we now have Stevie, Hazel and Charlie.

News from the farm

Unfortunately we have had to raise our prices…WHY?

In less than 6 months the price of grain went up 23%, shipping that grain from the lower mainland up 40%, butcher fees up 10%. Everything we use on farm from gas/diesel to electricity to sausage ingredients to labels went up.

We have to travel 3 hours to our butcher which makes it a total of 12 hours travel time plus gas. We also deliver to Quesnel and Williams Lake with no extra fees to you, but it costs us.

We have 2 breeding sows that we only breed once a year. This increases our costs but we feel that it is the ethical and humane way to go, as this gives the sows time to rest between litters.

We cannot raise prices enough to account for all these increases even though it looks like we did. We are on the edge of being able to continue providing Organic, healthy humane pork. So if you like our product and having healthy meat and eggs available, please support our farm by buying our products and telling your family and friends.




BC Certified Organic
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